Pivot Edmonds

Pivot is a word that hosts a lot of meaning. We chose the name “Pivot Edmonds” because we liked the idea of being the point that things revolve around. Our tagline “Community Starts Here” reiterates our belief in creating community online and offline.


There is a business practice that also incorporates the word “pivot”.  An internet search for business strategies will yield articles from top business magazines discussing “The Art of Pivot”.


The art of the pivot is all about changing course in pursuit of the same original business goal.  Pivots aren’t about changing a business model as much as it is about evaluating and evolving the delivery model and growth strategy.


Like the basketball maneuver of the same name, in which a player keeps one foot planted while changing direction with the other foot, a pivot occurs when a start-up business tests a new direction while still keeping one metaphorical foot in the original business.


We have read and heard on a regular basis that a business never looks like it started out after the first year. Start-ups are inherently messy and filled with ideas and energy. The rapid shifts in the business model are what differentiate a start-up from an established company. Pivots are the essence of entrepreneurship and the key to start-up success.


So, we at Pivot, want to let you know that we are Pivoting. We are taking a brief hiatus to re-align our strengths, hone our broad Pivot vision and return oh so soon with a cleaner, meaner, leaner Pivot that is still all about community.


Our mission will not change. For those of you that are not familiar with our Mission Statement, it speaks to our aspiration – To be THE source in Edmonds for defining, growing, connecting and engaging community.  How we accomplish that will look a bit different.  Our passion, commitment to you and to Edmonds will remain steadfast.


Stay tuned. You know we won’t let you down.